Welcome to the Jordan Vascular Society website. The Jordan Vascular Society was founded in 2008 as one of the societies under the umbrella of the Jordan Medical Association. Our goal is to improve vascular care in Jordan and around the Middle East. We also strive to educate physicians and patients with the latest in Vascular medicine and surgery, support young doctors and encourage research.
Through this website we will attempt to raise awareness towards the vascular surgery practice and services in Jordan, highlight the activities of the society and make every effort to provide latest papers and articles published through important international conferences and symposiums.  There will also be a Q & A section that will give answers to common questions related to vascular surgery practice in Jordan. The website will list of the most important vascular surgery conferences held all over the world.
There are currently 22 vascular surgeons registered in the Society representing various sectors including the Private Sector, The Royal Medical Services, The Ministry of Health and Jordanian Universities.
I am honored to serve as the President of the Jordan Vascular Society and together with my colleagues  always welcome constructive suggestions, from both the medical community and public.


Dr. Walid Masoud
President of the Jordan Vascular Society